Project Point 
of Light

"No More Victims"

Sex Offender Treatment Program

The name of this program is in some ways antiquated. We do not work with sex offenders, we work with people with sexual offenses. The stigma of these offenses are among the worst of any crime. Often people are assumed to be "child molesters" or "pedophiles". We work with people that have fulfilled their commitment to incarceration or house arrest and are working through their probation or parole and just want to get back to whatever normal is now for themselves. We want everyone that we see to accept responsibility for what they have done, but we do not want them to go on punishing themselves for it Sometimes these people are harder on themselves than society is on them. They struggle to find housing, employment and even relationships. Our program not only stresses the importance of accountability, but also of awareness. Fair or not, if you have a sexual offense, you are an easy target for another one. Our goal is to help people who have offended understand why they offended, learn to express empathy and accept accountability and prevent any new victims. Our program consists of treatment phases, group  sessions and accountability sessions. Sometimes extra help is needed and we can offer additional treatment in individual sessions when available. Many of our clients are referred by the department of corrections, probation/parole or the courts. Our program is approved and endorsed by the Sexual Offender Assessment Board and our Program Director is a board member as well. We do accept self referrals as well.  

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