Project Point 
of Light

"No More Victims"

About Us

Project Point of Light is committed to the notion of a world without victims. We have been providing service in Central and Western Pennsylvania for nearly two decades, striving to become the premier provider of services in the regions we serve. We are frequently requested by the courts, probation and parole, children and youth and other community groups and providers when they are presented with clients that have specialized needs. Our skills go beyond offenders as we also work with victims, couples and whole families to provide care and healing from all kinds of trauma, but especially those dealing with the impact of sexual abuse and violence. 

Leadership Biographies

Project Point of Light is an established leader, specializing in the delivery of treatment services for individuals impacted by sexually maladaptive behaviors from sexually acting out, pornography addiction and non-contact offenses to more intensive and violent offending. We treat individuals and families of all ages. In addition, we treat non-sexual violence and other victims of trauma. 

Our commitment is to our practice motto, "No More Victims". We strongly believe that this is achieved by breaking the cycle of offending.. Fewer offenders or re-offenders equal fewer abuses.



We are in the process of updating our biographies. Stay tuned. For now, the leadership team consists of Brenda Manno, LCSW - Owner/Program Director | Christopher Johnston, LSW - Clinical Director | Kelly White - Administrative Director

Brenda provides leadership and oversight to the agency that she has grown into one of the premier treatment facilities for people with sexual offenses and those impacted by sexual abuse and/or violence in the Commonwealth.  Brenda has her bachelor’s degree in Psychology/Sociology, masters degree in Social Work and is currently finishing her doctoral degree in Social Work.  She is a Criminal Justice Expert for the Sexual Offenders Assessment Board and conducts evaluations and provides expert testimony.  Brenda is also a professor at PennWest University teaching in the Social Work department.  Her commitment to helping others is the key to her success.



Chris came to Project Point of Light with multiple experiences over more than twenty-five years in the human services field. From foster care to mobile therapy, Chris has always been about caring for others dealing with trauma. With over ten years of experience specific to maladaptive sexual behaviors, he has been able to work with victims and offenders alike. He continues to meet those needs, while making programing enhancements and growing a culture of unity between offices.



Kelly is the Program Administrator for Project Point of Light.  In this role she provides leadership and support to the staff so that we can effectively provide ethical clinical care to our clients.  She truly believes in the change that can be made in the lives of our clients. Kelly has been with Project Point of Light for 16 years and is a strong advocate for Project Point of Light’s core values and putting them to practice on a daily basis.

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