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"No More Victims"

Family Intervention Therapy

The impact of abuse takes its toll on families. When abuse takes place, fingers get pointed and anger explodes. The ripple effect does not stop with the victim or even the immediate family, but extends deep into the family structure and beyond. The finger pointing does not lead to resolution. When abuse occurs, no matter what kind, the first step is to create a safe environment. Families are the keystone of this structure, no matter what that "family" looks like. No matter if the abuse occurred within the family or outside the family, the impact can be devastating for everyone involved. Getting united around a common goal is the best way to begin rebuilding a happy, healthy families. No matter where the abuse occurs, there will be many emotions at play. Much like trauma therapy for an abused individual, we treat the family in a similar manner. Building families means raising awareness, resolving confusion and building the coping skills needed to move beyond the damage and start a new. We work with adoptive and foster parents, non-offending parents or anyone that needs assistance coping with the aftermath of abuse. Our program uses evidenced-based practices to provide guidance and nurturing needed to bring families back from the edge and regain hope for a brighter future in the wake of abuse. Our services are often recommended by Children and Youth Services, but we welcome referrals from all sources, including self referrals. Your first step toward resolution is a click or a call away. 

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