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"No More Victims"

Batterers Intervention

Violence is an epidemic. The Duluth Model of Batterers Intervention program was designed domestic violence of men on women. We have been working to expand on this to address the growing cases of violence in our homes and communities. Batterers Intervention is about learning self-control. It is about thinking before acting and acknowledging that anger is your problem, not what you are taking it out on. From threats of violence and erratic behavior to significant physical and emotional abuse, the process is much the same. it is time for you to take responsibility for your own behavior. It is time to stop taking things out on others and understanding where these feelings are coming from. Many are surprised to learn that what they learned in childhood from less than ideal role models is no longer acceptable in their lives. We are here to help batterers learn the skills they need to reduce violent behavior and begin to deal with things in much healthier and safer ways. Success starts with identifying the source of the anger and working to build in alternatives that are healthier for all. Currently this program is being utilized by the PA Department of Corrections for assessment and treatment of individuals with a history of violence concerns. We can accept self referrals as well to individuals who feel that their behavior has gotten out of control and want to learn a new way of dealing that is better for everyone. 

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